All kitchen drains are connected to the grease traps (tanks that collect kitchen wastes) by a network of drain lines.
Fats, Oils, and grease (F.O.G) generated in the cooking and cleaning process end up in these drain lines and eventually in the grease traps. If not treated this F.O.G. could accumulate in the drain lines causing odors and expensive blockages.
ECO ENVIROMENTAL SERVICES offers unique and comprehensive services for kitchen drain line Maintenance and reduces odour problems commonly found in commercial establishments.

Our systems are state-of-the-art fully automatic cost-effective, environmentally conscious and designed to inject a powerful Bacteria into the drain line.

The biotechnological products contain communities of natural bacteria to improve water quality; the use of which assures the presence of appropriate strains of beneficial microorganisms for biodegradation of hydrocarbons, sludge reduction, elimination of BOD and F.O.G. (Fat, oil and grease).
Our biotechnological products contain beneficial communities of natural bacteria. All we do is grow them in the right proportions to create powerful teams that improve water quality and accelerate the transformation of organic wastes into bacterial biomass, carbon dioxide and water.

These bacteria are non-toxic, non-pathogenic, and famished that can biodegrade F.O.G. (Fat, oil and grease) through biological treatment and eliminate odor, reducing the frequency of grease trap pump outs.

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