Cleaning and servicing a grease trap is an unpleasant task for kitchen staff to perform. The odor from a grease trap is overpowering and off putting to staff and customers. Staff may also not clean it completely and thoroughly which will impair the grease trap's performance, leading to blocked drains.

Quick, efficient, convenient and cost effective. Clean grease traps and dispose of left-over grease safely and efficiently. Our grease trap cleaning services are used by a wide variety of catering and food processing businesses throughout the Dubai, UAE.

Grease from kitchens and food processing plants can build-up very quickly and become very difficult to dispose of. Our expert grease disposal professionals are adept at cleaning grease traps and disposing of grease in a safe and cost-effective way.

Eco Environmental Services will clear your kitchen grease traps thoroughly and efficiently every time. All of our grease trap professionals are fully trained in the most advanced grease trap cleaning and grease disposal processes. This means you can rely on our grease trap cleaners to dispose of your waste grease in a safe and environmentally-friendly way.

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