We offer unique and comprehensive services for kitchen drain line Maintenance and reduces odor problems commonly found in commercial establishments. 

Our systems are state-of-the-art fully automatic cost-effective, environmentally conscious and designed to inject a powerful Bacteria into the drain line. 

Every Production batch of bacteria is analyzed and cleared, when CERTIFIED PATHOGEN FREE using techniques from the food industry. 

Employs fully trained technicians using professional pressure washing equipment. Our technique combines hot water and high pressure with bio-degradable products to clean your hoods and kitchen exhaust system from top to bottom according to industry standards. 

All grease and residue is removed by hand scraping and pressure washing to clean the system down to bare metal as required by Dubai Municipality. 

Our cleaning service includes the hoods, filters, the entire duct system, exhaust fans and rooftop. 

1. ECO. Provides service and maintenance for lift stations. 
2. For you, this means keeping them running in top-notch condition. 
3. We provide some of the most extensive cleaning & maintenance services. 
4. Some of the primary services most often requested include, but are not limited to: lift station cleaning and pressure washing, inspection of submersible pumps and present a written report to the client after each maintenance period. 

Using the most advanced equipment available on the market today, Eco Environmental Services provides professional preventive maintenance, line Jetting services. 

Professional line Jetting maintenance actually services the drain lines leading from your grease trap back to the store towards the main sewer line connection. 

When we line jet your Interceptor, we service the Interceptors from the building and to the street. Line jetting Is an affordable manner In which to preserve the life of your pipes while eliminating potential problems before they happen, saving down time and expensive emergency plumbing calls. 

We own a fleet of waste water tankers, providing a 24 hour service for the removal of sewage waste water from septic tanks. These are dumped in accordance to the Dubai Municipality Guidelines at the Dubai Municipality sewage treatment plant. 

We also offer comprehensive solutions to treatment of sewage waste at site, using bacteria biotechnology that is safe for the environment. We clean and disinfect the water tanks from all contaminants like dirt, debris, bio film, algae.. etc.

Using DM approved Bio-degradable chemicals.

1. The cleaning procedure is as per ‘ECO ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES Method Statement – Water Tank Cleaning & Dubai Municipality Regulations. 

2. Using sophisticated state of the art equipment, our staff is fully trained to clean out all the contaminants, ensuring a safe, clean and proper indoor health quality. 

3. The methods employed are based on the approved systems of NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) and as per Dubai Municipality requirements.

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